Dildo?? Know complete basic information and usage

Dildo! Did you hear about the dildo sex or dildo toys? What do you think about dildo toys? What it is? Have any knowledge about dildo sex or dildo masturbate or dildo sex toys? No. Are you completely new in the sex toys world? Yes. So, we Fantastic Dildo Guide welcome you in the world of fantastic dildo sex toys.

What is a dildo?

what is dildo toys

For our beginner friends, we start from what is a dildo sex toys? A dildo is a sex toy which is designed like a penis shape either for vagina penetration or anal penetration. The definition of the dildo is “an object shaped like an erect penis and used for the sexual penetration”. According to wikipedia dildo definition is – A dildo is a sex toy, often explicitly phallic in appearance, intended for sexual penetration or other sexual activity during masturbation or with sex partners.

Basically, women love to use the dildo for sex or dildo masturbation. So it is also called the dildoes for women or dildo for women or dildo for female. Click here, to check the recommended dildo for women. But it does not mean that other gender user can not used it. Lesbian, gay or even men can also use the dildo sextoys.

Dildo sex toys are used for varieties of purpose such as you can used it during dildo sex or you can used it for dildo masturbation. It depends on user. While using the dildo for masturbation, you should prefer the dildo masturbation technique for better sexual pleasure. With the help of dildo toys, the user can stimulate their anal, vagina, prostate, G spot, rectum etc. User can also use a dildo toy for foreplay to touch own or their partner’s sensitive skin.

Brief history about dildo toy?


What do you think dildo is new sex toys in the market? No. The dildo or dildo sex toy is one of the oldest sex toys which people used from the ancient time around 30,000 years back. The first dildos was found in Hohle Fels Cave near Ulm, Germany which is almost 20-centimeters long and made with the siltstone. The double-ended dildo was also found which is almost 13-19000 years back. There are many painting in Egypt which shows that dildo being used in varieties of ways.

In the ancient time, user generally prefer the homemade dildo or they make a dildo at home only. If you have any doubt about the dildo history then check this tweet. Lindsey Fitzharris found the 18th century dildo.

In the ancient time in Italy, the dildo was made of wood, stone, and leather. In the 15th-century Chinese women used a lacquered wood dildo with textured surfaces. In 17th and 18th century dildo was appeared in Shunga, Japan.

Different types of dildo toys or dildo type

For our beginner friend, it is necessary to know about the dildo types or different types of dildo sex toy. If you are also beginner and don’t know about the types of dildo or dildo types then let me clear you that there are different types of dildo sex toys are available. User can prefer the different dildo types for different purpose. Let’s discuss about some of the most common and popular dildo toys –

G spot dildo

G spot dildo


G spot dildo is specially designed for the woman or lesbian. So this dildo sextoy is also called the dildoes for women or dildo for female. It is used to stimulate the G spot during the dildo sex or dildo masturbation. This dildo or didlo toy is designed like a little-curved manner so that it easily reaches the G spot. It is available in varieties of color, shape, size, and textures. Woman and lesbian also use the G spot dildo during the dildo masturbation to satisfy their sexual needs.

Anal dildo or Dildos for anal

anal dildoAnal dildo or dildos for anal are designed specially to stimulate the anal, rectum etc. Most of the male selects the anal dildo to stimulate their prostate also. Some of the user also call the anal dildo as a dildo for men or dildo for man. But it does not mean that anal dildo or dildo for anal is only used by men. Anal dildo sex toy or dildo for anal is easily used by any gender user.

Some user wants anal orgasm so they select the anal dildo. If user wants then they can also use the anal dildo during anal masturbation. While using the anal dildo or dildo for anal it is necessary to use the anal lubricant only. Anal lubricant is different from the other ordinary lubricant. If you are interested in the anal dildo and want to purchase the dildo but don’t have idea then check our article “best analdildo for Indian beginner and experience, according to an expert.”

Suction cup dildo

suction cup dildoThis type of dildo toy is designed with the strong suction cup on the end of the dildo or didlo. It is especially designed for the user who wants hand free stimulation so that they can used their own hands for other purpose like use bullet vibrator for clitoris or nipple stimulation.

If you select this suction cup dildo for dildo sex or dildo masturbating then you can easily attach this type of dildo on the smooth or flat surface such as the mirror, hardwood floor, wall, side of the bathtub, headboard etc. If you want to know where to fix the suction cup dildo for better pleasure then click here. If you have some experience with the suction cup dildo then try some sex position for suction cup dildo. Most of the suction cup dildo toy have life waterproof specification so you can also used it in the bathroom.

Double ended dildo

dong toysDouble ended dildo has a longer length than the normal dildo and it has two heads. It is one of the most popular dildos. User can easily use this dildo from both the end. Simultaneous stimulation of two user at the same time. The couple uses it for anal-anal penetration, anal-vagina penetration or vagina-vagina penetration. This dildo sex toy is also called the couple dildo sex toy.

It is available in the market with different color, shape, size, style, and textures. It depends on user which types of double ended dildo sex toy they want to use.

Strap on

strap onNow a day, strap on become very famous among the Indian lesbian couple. So sometimes it is also called the lesbian toy. It is available with the harness belt which you can easily fix in your waist. The harness belt has an O ring in which you can fix any types of dildo toys and used it.

Not only the Indian lesbian couple but some of the male partner also use the strap on. Here you can get the information about the best lesbian dildo sex toys for Indian lesbian couple. When male partner used the strap on then they select the hollow dildo types sex toys so that they can insert their penis easily.

Vibrating dildo or Dildo with vibrator

vibrating dildoThe dildo which is available with the vibration function is called the vibrating dildo or dildo vibrator or dildo with vibrator. In the market varieties of vibrating dildos or dildo viberators are available.

Some of the vibrating dildo or dildo vibrator has different types of vibration function and speed whereas some of the vibrating dildo have only single vibration function and speed. During sexual intercourse or masturbation, user can easily change the vibration function and speed of the dildo vibrator. You can purchase either the battery operated dildo vibrators or USB rechargeable dildo vibrator.

How to select the dildo?


Now you know that there are varieties of dildo toys is available. So it is important for you to choose the best dildo. For our beginner friends, it is little difficult to select the best dildo for the first time. So the guide below will help our beginner friends to select the right dildo. Just go through it.


If you are going to purchase the dildo toys for the first time and you are not confirming that which size of the dildo is perfect for you then you have to do the simple finger test. You should just insert your finger at the comfort level and then measure the length and diameter. You can also use the measuring tape to measure the length and diameter. According to this measurement, you can select any of the dildo toys.

Some user thinks that bigger is always better but it is not true. You should always select the dildo toys according to your comfort level.

For our beginner friends, we suggest to start their first dildo masturbation or dildo sex with small size dildo toys. Small size dildo toy is perfect for the first time use.


Dildo sextoys are made with varieties of material such as metal, glass, realistic, silicone, plastic, rubber etc. All these materials are either high quality or medical grade so you can easily select any of these.  Some of the dildo sex toys are also made with the dangerous material so be careful while selecting the dildo sex toys. You should also select the material of the dildo according to your purpose.

For example – If you want to involve in the temperature play then you should select the metal or glass dildo. If you want to experience the real feeling then you should select the realistic dildo.


Before purchasing the dildo toys, you should confirm which type of penetration you want. It is very important to select the correct types of dildos or dildo types. If you want to involve in the anal sex then you ought to select the anal dildo or dildo for anal only. If you want to involve in the vagina sex then you should prefer dildo toys which are specially designed for the vagina sex. If you use the anal dildo for vagina sex or vagina dildo for anal sex then there is a possibility that instead of pleasure feelings you get hurts.

Difference between dildo and vibrator

dildo vs vibratorThere are lots of differences between dildo and vibrator. The dildo is similar to the real penis. It is not the electric type of sex toys. The user can prefer the dildo toys to stimulate their anal or vagina during dildo sex or dildo masturbation. Some of the dildo toys also provide real feeling like a penis.

The vibrator is available with different types of vibration function and speed. It is an electric type of sex toys. Vibrator toys are either battery operated or USB rechargeable. It is used for both internal as well as external. At the same time, some of the vibrator toys like rabbit vibrator stimulate the vagina and clitoris.

How to purchase dildo?

Most of our beginner friends have doubt about dildo, where to buy. So there are two options to purchase the dildo in India. User can prefer either the dildo online shopping or dildo buy from the shop. It depends on you which one you prefer.

From shop

In India, there are only a few shops is available which offer the dildo toys but these are also not so famous. Most of the sex toys are available in India only in metro cities.
Generally, India people are shy in nature so they does not feel comfortable to purchase the dildo or other sex toys from shop. So most of the user prefers the online store.

Online store

Now a day, there are many online sites which offer varieties of dildo toys. Most of the user prefers the online store. Some of the most popular dildoes online shop are amazon, flipkart, adultproductsindia, sextoys-india etc. You can easily purchase any of your favorite dildo toys and do the payment via credit card, debit card, net banking or COD(cash on delivery). Dildo online shopping or dildo online buy is one of the most easiest way to purchase the dildo sex toys.

Why people use dildo toys?

why people use dildo toys

There are many reasons for using dildo toys. Most of the user use dildo toys during the masturbation to satisfy all their sexual needs when they are alone. Some of the couples also use it with their partner. Some women who do not get satisfied with their partner can prefer dildo toys.

The dildo can help you in many ways or you can say that there are many benefits of using the dildo sex toy. Some men have a troublesome time keeping an erection and a few ladies have terribly long fuses, which mean it takes a time to reach climax. As a result of this difference, sex becomes frustrating and dis satisfactory. So to overcome this, the couple uses the dildo toys.

Why dildo is so popular in India?

dildo is popular

Now a day, in India most of the user live alone and wants to fulfill all their sexual desired. So they use different types of homemade dildo or homemade object or sex toys like the dildo.

With the help of dildo toys, they easily satisfied all their sexual need and also achieve orgasm. Some of the dildo toys also provide real feelings like the penis. So gradually the dildo toys become famous in India.

How to use a dildo?

It is very easy for you to use dildo toys, if you have experience with the dildo sextoys. But for our beginner user, it is necessary to learn how to use a dildo for the first time. User can use the dildo toys either with their partner during dildo sex or alone during the dildo masturbation.

The most important things while using dildo are cleaning. User should wash and clean the dildo before and after every sexual act. To clean the dildo toy, user can easily use water, toy cleaner or any antiseptic liquid. Once the toys get clean then the user can easily involve in their sexual act.

Foreplay first.


You should always start your sexual act with foreplay. Foreplay helps you to get relax and comfort. You can also decorate your room, turn down the lights, put on some sexy music etc. to set your mood.

If you are using the dildo toys alone for dildo masturbating then spend some time with external stimulation. It helps to get excited and make you wet. Sometimes it also help you to reach the inside orgasm.

Apply good quality lube

personal lubricant

Once you get comfortable then apply the personal lubricant. You should always select good quality lubricant. You can easily apply the personal lubricant on the surface of the dildo toys and also near the genital area. Personal lubricant helps to reduce the friction and make the surface slippery so that you can easily insert it without any pain.

If you want to involve in the anal sex then make sure that you used the anal lubricant only. The anal lubricant is different from the other ordinary lubricant.

Find the perfect position?

perfect positionsAfter applying the personal lubricant, select the sex position in which you or your partner get comfortable so that you can enjoy your sex. If you select some sex position in which you or your partner do not feel comfortable then instead of pleasure feeling you get hurt and do not enjoy your sex.

Some of the sex position in which you can easily involve with your partner are – missionary with a lift position, doggy style, magic mountain, cowgirl sex position etc. If you select any one of this position then it becomes easy for you to use the dildo toys.

Use dildo for sex?

use dildo for sexYou can use the dildo sex toys easily with your partner during the sex. If you want then you can also use the dildo with condom and involve in the anal or vagina penetration. If you want to interchange your penetration from anal to vagina or vagina to anal then make sure that you properly clean the dildo with antiseptic liquid and water otherwise it causes the infection.

If you are lesbian then it is better for you to use the strap on. You can easily fix any of the dildo toys according to your choice in the O ring and used the whole device for anal or vagina penetration.

Use dildo for masturbation?

dildo for masturbation

You can easily use the dildo toys for masturbation when you are alone at home. If you want then you can also use the condom with dildo. With the help of the condom, the dildo toy does not get dirty. A condom helps you to make the dildo toy clean.

During masturbation, you can use the dildo toys either for vagina stimulation or for anal stimulation. It depends on you. But don’t forget about the personal lube.

Go forth to enjoy more.

go forth to enjoy more

Now, you are ready to insert the dildo toys. First, insert the small length of the dildo toys and once you or your partner get comfortable then increase the insertion length. You can also push or pull the dildo toys to enhance sexual pleasure.

If you are using the dildo alone then you can prefer the dildo selfie stick or dildo drone for more sexual pleasure.

How to maintain and store dildo toys?


maintain ans store

After completing the sexual intercourse, it is necessary for you to maintain and store the dildo toys in a proper manner. Once you finished your sexual intercourse then clean the dildo toys properly and used a clean cloth to make it dry. If you have dryer then you can also use it to make the dildo toy dry. Once the dildo gets dry then wrap it in a clean cloth or tissue and then store it.

To store the dildo toys, select the secret place for privacy. Always store the dildo toys in safe, cool, and dry places. Avoid direct sunlight.

Recommended dildo toys?

If you have still confusion and not able to select the correct dildo then you can select it from recommended dildo toys. These are some of the most famous dildo available now a day in India.

My caiman

It is one of the most popular dildo toys which provide you the real feeling. It is a huge dildo with a suction cup. If you want to insert the huge length of the dildo then you should try this dildo.

Michinoku Dildo

It is available in India in small and large size. It is available with the suction cup. It is also available in pink color.

New Joy Belt Black

If you want to experience the vibration function then you should select this strap on. You can easily remove the dildo part from the harness belt. It is battery operated.

Chocolate Lily

It is very soft dildo toys used for both anal as well as the vagina. It is made with high-quality silicone material. It is also waterproof so you can easily clean it.