Buffalo Summer - Giant Welsh rockers will...

...release their “Second Sun” album on May 20th

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UDR - METAL BLOG, Vol. 10 - by Steff Chirazi

Sometimes I miss childhood.
I miss the wonderful simplicity I enjoyed for an (albeit too brief) few years between 12 and 15, when it was just me, my mullet, my tight jeans and Motörhead t-shirts, my Boots Audio stereo with shoebox speakers and a stylus that was a dust mop but which had a volume fader control that said ’10’ but went to 11.

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Blackrain falls on UDR Records

French rockers sign to the Home of Legends, UDR Records with new album out March 25th 2016.

The planets have been aligning to launch BlackRain unto the world, and now with their brand new UDR Records deal, Released will fall on March 25th, saturating listeners with a hip-smacking, lip-slinging shower of crisp, dangerous, edgy, raucous and fun rock’n’roll. Produced by Jack Douglas, who has twiddled knobs for the likes of Aerosmith, Cheap Trick, Alice Cooper, The New York Dolls and John Lennon, BlackRain created Released during early 2015 in the suburbs of Paris and Los Angeles, fusing together main vein danger with their own experiences of the last decade in action. The charismatic quartert is comprised of Swan Hellion (lead vocals, guitars), Axel “Max 2” Charpentier (lead guitar), Mattieu De La Roche (bass) and Frank Frusetta (drums).

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\m/ TURN IT UP! \m/

UDR - METAL BLOG, Vol. 9 - by Steff Chirazi

At last the Chirazi stereo has exploded into life, and it has taken the most unlikely pair of releases to set it off. First there is Abbath’s eponymous debut album, which is quite simply sensational, a smorgasbord of crisp, brutal, bludgeonous black metal delivered with range, whip, crrraaaacckk and genuine raw excitement.

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