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UDR - METAL BLOG - by Steff Chirazi

Oh the glories of summer! School’s out, work has hopefully given birth to a few vacation weeks, and festival season is upon us. I mean, there are festivals and then there are FEST-I-VALS, tribal gatherings which are about a lot more than bands and stages, they’re about memories and moments and metal and madness and making friends from all corners of this square flat planet we call Earth (what? It’s round? And you cannot have corners on round things? Well you can…anyway)…which brings us to W:O:A 2015, the 26th annual Wacken Festival and a tribal gathering of the sort that would make the United Nations seem very singular. From India to Indiana to Innsbruck, fans make their way as much for the friendship and parties as the music, though the music is pretty damn great too …

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A mighty tour package is coming over North America

Motörhead - The 40th anniversary celebration is going to North America. The NWOBHM icons MOTÖRHEAD and SAXON are hitting the road this summer. This mighty tour package will be legendary.

Check this out for tour dates.

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