MOTÖRHEAD Lemmy Doing Coin Toss

    Lemmy doing coin toss

    Lemmy Doing Coin Toss

    LA KISS – a football team (owned by Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Doug McGhee and Brett Bouchy) had their inaugural home game on April 5th at the Honda Center in Anaheim and Lemmy was asked to do the ‘Celebrity Coin Toss’ in front of more than 12.000 fans!

    Looks like Lemmy was their lucky charm because LA KISS defeated Portland Thunder  44:34.

    Lemmy made his appearance looking well. Motörhead is going into rehearsal next week and prepare for their short US tour including 6 gigs and playing the prestigious Coachella Festival twice. Slash will join in at their gig at the Nokia Center on April 11th and will be also on stage with them at Coachella. Setlist is not quite done but rumour has it that they will play songs from their latest top album ‘Aftershock’. This will be the first time ever fans can hear songs from ‘Aftershock’ live!

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