Motörhead - Record Store Day 2014 Special Release

    Motörhead - Aftershock Picture Disc

    Record Store Day 2014 Special Release

    Especially for Record Store Day on April 19th, 2014 UDR/Motörhead Music will be releasing a special
    Edition of a picture vinyl disk.
    14 belting statements which see Motörhead in their best writing form for years.

    Everything you want from this band – swagger, punch, dirt, statements, speed, filthy grooves, blues and Lemmy’s unmistakable voice. Motörhead shows that they are not simply a band, it’s a genre and they live up to their iconic status!

    For Record Store Day 2014 UDR/Motörhead Music is proud to present a Special Edition Picture Vinyl which is strictly limited and numbered – a collectable that every fan will want to have.

    Detailed Information:

    •    Picture disc / both sides
    •    RSD sticker
    •    Vinyl Gatefold 180 gram
    •    Strictly limited to 4500 units worldwide
    •    Handwritten numbered on back of gatefold

    Heartbreaker / Coup de Grace / Lost Woman Blues / End of Time / Do You Believe/
    Death Machine / Dust and Glass / Going to Mexico / Silence When You Speak To Me/
    Crying Shame / Queen of the Damned / Knife / Keep Your Powder Dry / Paralyzed

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