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UDR - METAL BLOG, Vol. 15 - by Steff Chirazi

I AM going to take a wild guess and say that most of the people reading these words are not die-hard Bob Dylan fans. Me? Well, having been raised by hippy parents, having been brought to the Isle of Wight at the age of 3, having been fed a steady aural diet of Dylan, Leonard Cohen, 10 Years After, Hendrix, The Doors, The Who, Soft Machine and countless others whilst my parents entertained a merry bunch of weed smoking hippies, and having seen Dylan’s face smiling at me every morning as he looked in from the bedroom wall at my bed, it appears to have soaked in yet never really come out. My dad wants “Desolation Row” played at his funeral. I like “Maggie’s Farm”. I think the fact he’s grumpy is sort of cool, and I get it. You know. That’s about it.

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Saxon - Let Me Feel Your Power - New Release

Release Date: 7.10.2016

Die britische Heavy Metal Legende SAXON wird Let Me Feel Your Power, ihr 10. Livealbum, am 7. Oktober. Das 16 Tracks umfassende Album wurde in München im November 2015 und in Brighton im Januar 2016 aufgenommen, ergänzt mit Bonus Material aus Chicago im September 2015. Let Me Feel Your Power wird in mehreren Formaten erhältlich sein: DVD/2CDs, Blu‐Ray/2CDs, Digital Download und als Deluxe Vinyl Version (limitiert auf 1500 Exemplare).

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UDR - METAL BLOG, Vol. 14 - by Steff Chirazi


Wacken 2016 once again reminded me that metal/hard rock/whatever tags you like, is a tribe unto itself, one which operates with its own unique set of rules and customs. Primary among these is the reality that fear has no place. Metalheads come to Wacken to enjoy, to experience, to escape and to be entertained.

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BUDDERSIDE - Interview mit dem RockRevolt Magazin.

RockRevolt Radio hat kürzlich ein Radio Interview mit Patrick Stone von BUDDERSIDE geführt. Den Mitschnitt des Interviews könnt ihr HIER hören.

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