Candice Night

CANDICE NIGHT - "Reflections"

As the voice of Blackmore’s Night and wife of erstwhile Deep Purple/Rainbow guitarist Ritchie Blackmore, singer Candice Night is one of the most charismatic personalities on the contemporary music scene. Her first solo album Reflections presents her as a confident traveller between the worlds of pop, folk and epic songs. The album spans a long period of different inspirations, emotions and mythical moments.

Reflections will delight not only fans of Blackmore’s Night, but also all friends of contemporary pop music.


01. Wind Is Calling (Hush The Wind)
02. Gone Gone Gone
03. Black Roses
04. Now And Then (2011)
05. Dangerous Smile
06. For You
07. Call It Love
08. Robin Red Breast
09. Alone With Fate
10. In Time


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Black Roses - official video clip:


In part fantasy, part weaver of magic, part willow the wisp exists Candice Night. For 15 years she has been entwining lyrics based on legend with reflections of ourselves in her words set to music to transport the listener to another realm. She is emulated by children, young mothers, and all women young at heart throughout Europe, Asia, and North America. This international recording star was born and raised on Long Island, New York, and is often dubbed “one of the most beautiful women in the world ” by the international media. She is frequently identified as a mix of Karen Carpenter’s voice and a young Stevie Nicks, for her flowing skirts, but her ethereal voice and lyrics are all her own. As a front woman for the band Blackmore’s Night, she also plays 7 medieval instruments on stage, lending to the excitement and mysticism of the music of her group.

Candice Night sang background for Deep Purple in 1993; and on Ritchie Blackmore‘s Rainbow CD “Stranger In Us All” she co-wrote four songs. She received a gold record in Japan for her co writing efforts and one of her songs, “Black Masquerade”, was chosen as Best Song Of The Year in 1995. Her song “Ariel” won accolades in Europe and charted at # 2, as well as being the official German soccer song, and “Black Masquerade” was # 1 in Japan.

At the age of 18 she met Ritchie Blackmore on a soccer field while she was working for a radio station in 1989. “I asked him for an autograph, he asked me to meet him at a pub. He then pulled up next to my car and asked me to ride with him. When I did he threw his soccer socks at me. That broke the ice and we spent the rest of the evening laughing together.” Candice Night sang background for Deep Purple in 1993 and on Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow CD-Stranger In Us All, she co-wrote four songs. She received a gold record in Japan for her co-writing efforts and one of her songs, Black Masquerade, was chosen as Best Song Of The Year in 1995. Her song “Ariel” won accolades in Europe and charted at # 2, as well as being the official German soccer song, and “Black Masquerade” was # 1 in Japan.She then wrote lyrics for the songs for the 1st Blackmore's Night album, Shadow of the Moon which earned her a 2nd gold record in 1997. Since then, she has been awarded gold records and other awards for her writing and performances in Blackmore's Night as well as for Rainbow, and has charted consecutively with each CD. The latest Blackmore’s Night releases entered Billboard New Age Charts at number #1!

Candice continues to widen her musical horizons not only writing lyrics and singing, but playing medieval instruments: shawm, cornamuse, rauschpfeife, pennywhistle, and chanters to name a few. Over the course of 7 studio albums, much critical acclaim and accolades, and many tours around the planet she can also be heard as guest vocalist for Helloween’s 1st ever duet on their CD “Keeper of the 7 Keys” on their hit song: “Light The Universe”; with Tarja of Nightwish on “Promises Under The Rain”; with Glenn Hughes in “The Story Of Aina” and on “The Infinity Project”. She also sang on the latest William Shatner CD, on his version of “Space Oddity” releasing Summer 2011.Those who have delighted in her performance include Sarah Brightman, Bea Arthur, Cuba Gooding Jr, Frank Zander, and Hugh Jackman. Candice was discovered by the Faerie Festivals in the USA when she graced the cover of Faerie Magazine. She was dubbed Faerie Festival Queen for 2 consecutive years, as well as currently being the Princess of the cutting edge, interactive theme parks: "Magiquest" and Great Wolf Lodges.

Beside her musical career she is a dedicated mother. „We got married after we had been together for 20 years and had children when we were together 22 years. Had my first child when I was 39, my second when I was 40. I toured while pregnant and recorded up till 9th month with both pregnancies. The DVD is featuring my daughter coming onstage that night in York - but no one knew I was 5 1/2 months pregnant then as well. “

As a true animal rights activist, Candice has consistently donated a portion of her concert proceeds to the World Wildlife Foundation, UNICEF and many other charities. During their summer European castle tour, a portion of their ticket fees were donated to the World Wildlife Fund allowing the WWF to plant 6000 fruit trees in Borneo, aiding the environment and helping to save the endangered orang-utans of the region.

There are many facets to this extremely talented performer, and these are projected throughout her first solo project entitled: REFLECTIONS. See inside the mystery that is Candice Night, a reflection, perhaps, of yourself. Allow yourself a chance to get lost in the passions, the mysteries, the ever changing kaleidoscope of the Night - reflected in her vocals, her lyrics and her music...

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